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The Artist: About

Hello, my name is Adrienne and I am an artist based in Horndean, Manitoba.  I have always enjoyed art and being creative since I was a child.  Out of high school my interest was primarily drawing and creative writing but I eventually started dabbling in making jewelry as a hobby around 2003-2004.  By 2006, I was focused on Chain Maille jewelry after being introduced to the art in one of the jewelry magazines I read.  After many years of making jewelry just as a hobby for myself I finally began my retail adventure in 2009 and started my first etsy stores as well as selling at local events on the side.  However, because my art was not my main income, I eventually went through a career change which led to my creative goals being put on hold.  After a prolonged absence I have felt the calling of my true artistic soul and am committing myself to my art once more.  I re-branded myself and Little Chickens Studio was born!  A little quirky, a lot of love, along with the trials and tribulations of being a self-taught artist with no formal training, Little Chickens Studio hopes to expand it's knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours.

The Artist: About
New little chickens!  These co-parenting


Glimpses into daily life with behind-the-scene peaks posted in my stories along with new items on the main page!


Announcements, new pics, business related story posts from Instagram!  
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An EARRINGS shop update is planned for January 10, 2020!

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